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- Funders are increasingly interested in your outcomes, not your outputs.  Do you have the capacity to describe and estimate your program outcomes and impact?

- Do you want to become an outcome-focused organization?  We can help you identify the outcomes relevant to the work you do and help you as an organization better understand what works and what doesn't.

- Have you ever wondered what the Return On Investment (ROI) is for your programs?  I bet that some of your board members from the private sector would love to engage on that kind of analysis. It's also a great way to communicate the value of your program, especially as it relates to saving taxpayer dollars.

- Want to learn more about Pay-for- Performance and Pay-for-Success projects?  We can show you what you need in order to respond to these funding opportunities.

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William Wubbenhorst is a Non-Resident fellow for Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR).  He serves as co-founder of Harvest Home Institute, providing research and evaluation consultations to relationship-intensive programs such as Safe Families For Children and Open Table. 


William recently served as Associate Commissioner for the Family Youth Services Bureau within the Administration for Children and Families.  Prior to that, he published a variety of peer-reviewed journal publications and case studies. He co-authored a study entitled "Incorporating Faith and Works within a Healthcare Network."  William has served as a Senior Management Consultant and Return On Investment (ROI) Specialist for ICF International and Macro International.

Over the years, William Wubbenhorst has collaborated with professors from several prestigious academic institutions, including Baylor University, Boston University and Harvard University. He has published a variety of peer-reviewed journal publications and case studies. He co-authored Demonstrating the Value of Social Service Programs: A Simplified Approach to Calculating Return on Investment -- a peer-reviewed article, published in the Foundation Journal; Community Transformation in West Dallas: A Sustained Collective Between Churches, Faith-based Organizations and Government; and The Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Other published studies can be reviewed here.

William's studies are your best tool for building support and expanding your reach


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